Macworld 2008: Keynote, Rumors, Predictions, Events and Parties

Macworld 2007

Macworld 2008 takes place next week, Monday, January 14th though Friday, January 18th at the Moscone Center in San Francisco. The Expo opens on Tuesday after the keynote. I’ll be stopping by throughout the week, so maybe I’ll see you there.

Steve Jobs Macworld 2008 Keynote

MWSF 2008 keynote bingo card

Of course the big show, Steve Jobs’ annual keynote, takes place Tuesday morning at 9am. Ars Technica’s John Siracusa has released his annual MWSF 2008 Keynote Bingo Card so you can play along as Jobs engages his Reality Distortion Field.

Also, Insanely Great Tees and The Bureau of Communication are having their Macworld Keynote 2008 Predictions contest.

If you can’t attend the keynote in person, make sure to tune into excellent live coverage of the keynote provided by Ryan Block and his awesome crew at Engadget.

Macworld 2008 Rumors & Predictions

The biggest rumor this year is the possibility of a new ultra-thin MacBook. Here are a few Macworld 2008 rumor roundups:

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“What To Expect at Macworld 2008 and Why We Think It Will Be Bigger than Usual” (Gizmodo)
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“MacWorld 2008 Predictions” (Mike Davidson)
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Macworld 2008 Events & Parties

Oh and what would Macworld be without an non-stop schedule of events and parties. Here’s a list of some interesting events taking place next week during Macworld 2008:

Sunday, January 13th

Macworld Expo Annual City Tour (4th Annual)

Monday, January 14th

Girls Gone Geek Academy at Macworld
Ars Technica & Gizmodo Pre-Keynote Macworld Party

Tuesday, January 15th

Macworld Pre-Keynote Group meetup (4th Annual)
Macworld SF 2008 Annual Blogger Lunch and Schmoozefest
MacLevelTen Meetup
Apple Universe LIVE at MacWorld 2008
MacSB Macworld dinner
EFF’s 17th Birthday Party
– Microsoft Office 2008 for Mac Devo Concert
Wednesday, January 16th

Macworld WordPress Meetup
MacRadio Meetup
Comic Life and Skitch Meetup
– Pownce Pre-Launch Party
DailyTechTalk’s open Macworld Party (Third Annual)

Thursday, January 17th

Mac Mingle at Macworld 2008

Friday, January 18th

Macworld On Sound
Post-Macworld Photowalking
Macworld 2008 Closeout meetup (5th Annual)

For more events, see the Hess Memorial Macworld Expo SF 2008 Events List.

UPDATE: Here are my photos from the Macworld 2008 Expo floor.

photo by Scott Beale
MWSF Bingo Card illustration by John McCoy