Lunar Mission One, A Private Crowdfunded Mission to Send a Robotic Lander to the South Pole of the Moon

Lunar Mission One is a private, crowdfunded mission that plans to send a robotic lander to the lunar south pole with the intent to drill further into the Moon’s surface than ever before. The mission then plans on depositing a “digital memory box” in the bore hole that will serve as a time capsule of 21st century Earth. Supporters who back the mission through its Kickstarter campaign will be the first to be able to reserve space in the time capsule, and over the next decade space will be available for sale as a way of funding the mission’s long-term goals.

The mission has uploaded a series of videos explaining their plan and reason for crowdfunding the mission, one of which they say is to help inspire people to want to explore space.



images via Lunar Mission One