The Incredible Workmanship Involved Hand-Crafting a Louis XIII Cognac Baccarat Crystal Decanter

Rémy-Martin, the makers of Louis XIII Cognac, have shared a beautiful video that captures the incredible workmanship involved in hand-crafting the classic Baccarat Crystal decanter that has become representative of the exclusive liqueur.

A replica of the original flask discovered on the site of the battle of Jarnac, the LOUIS XIII decanter is an icon in all four corners of the world. Its curved shape and characteristic adornments reveal both power and subtlety with elegance. It is an outstanding piece to celebrate the greatest moments in life. Each decanter and bottle stopper is individually numbered. …Like a piece of jewelry, each decanter is unique. A genuine work of art in crystal, it requires the perfect synchronization of 11 craftsmen who first blow the crystal, place by hand the characteristic ornaments, and decorate the neck with 24-carat gold.

via Gizmodo

Lori Dorn
Lori Dorn

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