Lost Vegas

Lost Vegas

Chicken John’s legendary event Lost Vegas is returning this Friday, April 14th to NIMBY in Oakland. Here are photos and video from a previous Lost Vegas event.

From Chicken:

Back by unpopular indifference, Lost Vegas is the original show of schmoes. It’s a casino environment where you get to really gamble! To win fabu-less prizes! Here’s how it works: you get some chips at the door, you visit the games… place your bets and win BIG!!!! Take your chips to the Ace Redemption Center, where you talk to Bill the friendly Junkman who lets ya take home a few choice pieces of prize… It’s fun! But that’s not all! Check this out:

Dr. Hal and Rev. Ben Burke perform short duration marriages. With rings!!!!!
KROB provides ambient Vegas music and video….
Stuart Mangrum does a toast to Dean Martin…
The Naked Fire Babes do the wild thing…
As Is Brass Band rocks the house….
Mr. Lucky and the Cocktail Napkin belt out a few numberinos!
>Lucky’s musicians include:
*Freddi Price
*That Trombone Guy
*Kiko Almond
*Tony Perez
*Seth Ford Young
*Johnathan Marching
*Other Drunk People
Sparkle Motion, the 80’s legwarm-a-thon will be in full effect…
David Cappurro the Yo Yo King will ROCK unlike any other ROCKING yo yo guy…
Vic Double-longo, your host with the least….

And as our main headling event… the one and only Roky Roulette will attempt the impossible… with only his pogo stick… he will jump the full length of 3 school buses!!!!!

We have a second stage as well featuring:
Mongolounge stirs it up
Mystic Marlowe sleazes out the ladies
Beyond Paul hosts Lounge Kareokie Disaster
The Wink and Yoni Show top it off late in the AM

Some stuff by Cyclecide as well…

The games of Lost Vegas are like the real Vegas but a little funner:

The Wheel of Smut
Rat Roulette
Cockroach Racing
Big Dice

UPDATE 1: Chicken just posted some updated info on Lost Vegas.

UPDATE 2: Here are my photos from Lost Vegas.