Lost Horizon Night Market #5 In The New York Times

Lost Horizon Night Market

“All the World’s a Stage, Even the Back of a Truck” is a great NY Times write-up by our friend Jessica Bruder (who is also a Laughing Squid guest blogger) of last month’s Lost Horizon Night Market in Greenpoint, Brooklyn.

Apart from the smoky scene at the corner of Humboldt and Calyer Streets, the market late last month didn’t look like much from the outside. About two dozen box trucks with curtained entryways lined several blocks in an industrial zone. But once visitors drew back the drapes, they became players in meticulously devised scenes. They marveled at the mysteries of deep space, pummeled one another in a boxing ring, told ghost stories around a campfire and cheered for the sword swallower in an old-time circus. They slurped udon at a noodle bar, ate grilled pork at a petting zoo that had a built-in barbecue and relaxed in a steaming, 2,000-gallon soaking tub inspired by Icelandic baths.

The article will be published in the Arts & Leasure section of this Sunday’s New York Times.

Lost Horizon Night Market

Here are my photos of the 5th Lost Horizon Night Market, including this one of Jess writing her story.

photos by & Scott Beale