Little Camper Who Gets Her Period Stars in Ad For Tampon Subscription Service HelloFlo

HelloFlo is a brilliant new subscription service where ladies can get their monthly supply of tampons and panty liners delivered to them based on their personal cycle. Each delivery also includes “delicious treats” (i.e. candy). The company’s first commercial is pretty great and totally hilarious. It features a young camper who goes from obscurity (a “big random loser”) to camp stardom when she’s the first one to get her period, taking an active role in leading other girls when they get theirs. The power goes to her head and eventually she’s knocked off of her throne when the other girls learn about HelloFlo.

HelloFlo’s founder and CEO Naama Bloom was featured in The Wall Street Journal in May and talks about the struggles of being an entrepreneur and the lessons she’s learned. She says, “being happy in what you do is worth a little struggle.” Adweek spoke to Bloom as well and shares how she became inspired to start the service and how the idea of “Camp Gyno” came about.

via Adweek