Life Size Mouse Trap “Tax Man” Show

Life Size Mouse Trap

The Life Size Mouse Trap, a full size version of the classic Milton Bradley board game, is back for a special “Tax Man” show this Saturday, April 15th. It takes place in the lot across the street from the Cyclecide House in San Francisco, which is right down the street from Bunny Jam, so you could easily hop between events.

This show is about getting a little tax relief during this Easter season by letting the MOUSETRAP crush your TAX blues away with the worlds most elaborate FABERGE EGG death scene ever constructed! You will also see a real “TAX-MAN” crushed to a thickness of a dollar bill right before your very eyes! Also be sure to enjoy the tax free EDSEL BAR or take a free ride on one of CYCLECIDE’S pedal powerd carnival rides! Yes fun for all for the inflation-beating price of $5 bucks!

LIVE MUSIC by Esmerelda Strange, Brass Menagerie, Vermillion Lies, Knees And Elbows, and Pastor Dave Dalton! Plus D.J. Jef Leopard!

And Just down the street at 2246 Jerrold the BUNNY JAM! Is collecting For a 1,000 egg Easter hunt that has been planted along the path to and fro the two locations. Each golden one can be redeemed for a little BUNNY JUICE at the tax-free bar!

Don’t worry about the rain because it will never stop! (We also have large covered areas). And one last note our dear friends at CYCLECIDE must relocate soon and this could be one of the last MOUSETRAP/CYCLECIDE shows EVER! So come on out and support some unusual S.F. fun.

Here are my photos from the last Life Size Mouse Trap event which took place Halloween weekend.

UPDATE: My photos of the Life Size Mouse Trap are now online.