Life Cycle, An Art Show by Art Pranksters TrustoCorp at Opera Gallery

Life Cycle show by TrustoCorp

Life Cycle show by TrustoCorp

Life Cycle is an upcoming gallery show by anonymous prankster artists TrustoCorp. The focus of the show will be the life cycle of a person in contemporary America. Life Cycle opens at the Opera Gallery in New York City on October 21 and runs through November 11.

After a long summer of highly publicized, illegal street projects ranging from fake bus stop ads for ‘The Real Housewives of Baghdad’ to illegal billboards for ‘Drive Thru Lipo Suction’, the anonymous art collective brings their work in doors for a more in depth look at their p…erspective on the state of American culture. The exhibition examines the experience of growing up and dying American with four installations representing childhood, puberty, adulthood and death. With the American Life Cycle as a jump off point, TrustoCorp brandishes satire and criticism through a range of over 50 works including stained glass windows, giant board games, kiddie rides, fortune tellers and vintage arcade games.

While the work comments on the experience of growing up American, it also seeks to explore the life cycle of our nation as whole. In a time of economic disparity and record breaking wars, TrustoCorp subtly references the birth, rise and inevitable fall of the American Empire.

With larger than life art ranging from video to painting and kinetic, interactive sculpture, this is definitely TrustoCorp’s most ambitious project to date.

TrustoCorp formed 3 years ago, shortly after the 2008 Presidential election. Inspired and disgusted by the national political and cultural discourse, TrustoCorp gained notoriety by making political and satirical street signs which popped up in 13 cities around America. TrustoCorp quickly gained a large group of volunteers who actively install and spread TrustoCorp art throughout the country, making them more like ‘Fight Club’ than an art collective. Since then, TrustoCorp has graduated into other mediums including fake products that get ‘shop dropped’ illegally into stores, fake tabloid magazines and illegal billboards. These antics got them noticed by media quite quickly, resulting in Television features on ABC World News, BBC and FOX News.’

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