Legends of Comics, An Illustrated Portrait Series by Drew Friedman

Harvey Pekar by Drew Friedman

Harvey Pekar

Award-winning pop culture illustrator/cartoonist Drew Friedman has a fascinating collection of illustrations depicting a notable group of comics creators in his ongoing series, Legends of Comics Portraits.

The late Comics writer Harvey Pekar is the latest in my series of portraits of legendary comics creators. Pekar, who created American Splendor comics out of Cleveland was perhaps the Dostoevsky of comics, depicting the commonplace, mundane, workaday world, brought to life by many varied artists, including Robert Crumb and myself. Pekar now joins Crumb, as well as my former instructor, creator of MAD Harvey Kurtzman, his longtime collaborator Will Elder, EC Science fiction artist Wally Wood, and the master of the grotesque Basil Wolverton as the latest portrait in my ongoing series of Comics greats.

Wally Wood by Drew Friedman

Wally Wood

Harvey Kurtzman by Drew Friedman

Harvey Kurtzman

R.Crumb in New York by Drew Friedman

Robert Crumb