Lawyers For Burners, Helping To Flight Unwarranted BLM Citations

Lawyers For Burners

Lawyers For Burners is a grassroots project that was recently formed to help Burning Man participants with Bureau of Land Management (BLM) citations they received during the event. They are currently looking for more lawyers to help with this project as well as donations to cover expenses and legal fees.

Got Ticket?

If you or anyone you know got a BLM citation this year then pay attention to your court date. If you haven’t gotten a “Notice To Appear” yet, you’ll probably be getting one soon. But, don’t just pay the fine. Find out what Lawyers for Burners has to say about whether you should fight the charges or not. Also, if you are a licensed attorney who wants to participate in this exciting project, send an email to Stand up for your civil rights and help make Black Rock City safe from illegal searches and police harassment! If you’re not a lawyer and you’d still like to help, then please consider making a financial contribution to the cause. All proceeds will be used for court costs, travel expenses and out-of-state legal fees.

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photo by Danger Ranger

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Scott Beale
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