Laughing Squid Visits Rackspace

Team C

photo by Scott Beale

After leaving SXSW, I went down to San Antonio to visit Rackspace, the data center where all of Laughing Squid’s servers are located. We have been with Rackspace since May of 1999 and they have been simply amazing. Their support is unparalleled and network uptime has been 100% for years. If you need a dedicated server, these are the guys you should be using.

Here are some photos from my Rackspace visit.

I would like to especially thank Barry, Jason and Lisa for giving me a tour of Rackspace’s headquarters, introducing me to everyone and taking me out for some great Tex-Mex. Thanks as well to Bob for the comprehensive data center tour. I’m still digesting all of that info. That guy really knows his megawatts. Finally, I want to thank Team C for taking me out for drinks after their shift, Luke for buying dinner and especially Mark for being my personal chauffeur and his hilarious interpretive readings of Wikipedia entries from my Treo 650. Team C rocks!

Photo Gallery: Rackspace Visit

Scott Beale
Scott Beale

Scott Beale founded Laughing Squid in 1995 in San Francisco and is currently based in New York City. When not running the blog, Scott can be found posting on Threads and sharing photos on Instagram.