Laughing Squid to Curate Boxes For Quarterly.Co Subscription Service


We’re thrilled to announce our involvement with, a “subscription service for wonderful things.” Here’s how it works: folks subscribe to the service to receive a specially-curated package of physical items in the mail from an impressive list of influential contributors. You can now subscribe to Laughing Squid on and later receive a package from us, a collaborative effort of myself and Scott Beale. Our first shipment of goodies goes out in August 2013.

What can I expect to receive from Laughing Squid?

Founder and editor-in-chief Scott Beale, along with managing editor Rusty Blazenhoff, will curate unique boxes focusing on items they find beautifully offbeat or wonderfully quirky. Their hope is that you will delight in them as well.


Rusty Blazenhoff
Rusty Blazenhoff