Laughing Squid Paradise Lost Wrap-Up

Laughing Squid Paradise Lost

Thanks to everyone who made it out Saturday night for Laughing Squid Paradise Lost. Here are some photos, videos and blog posts from the event.


Steam Punk

The Photoboof


Laughing Squid Paradise Lost

Otto von Stroheim & Baby Doe

The Photoboof

Derek Powazek

Scott Beale

Heather Powazek Champ

Andrew Mager

Steve Rhodes

Willo O’Brien

Courtney Patubo

Ted Rheingold

Chris Heuer

Karen Marcelo


Magic Safire


Jonathan Leavitt

Chandler White

Jones Ambigusan

Nancy Tubbs

Alex Choi




Eddie Codel
“When was the first time you were touched by the Squid tentacle?”
“Rachel demos the KGB at Paradise Lost”


We would like to give a shout-out to all of people who made this event possible.

– Our wonderful hosts Flora Grubb and Jim Kumiega of Flora Grubb Gardens and Eileen Hassi of Ritual Coffee Roasters.

– An extra special thanks goes out our our awesome co-organizer, permit wrangler and stage manager Helena “Noona” Nolan.

– Our performers DJ Otto von Stroheim of Tiki News, Project:Pimento, Chicken John, Hal Robins, Zero Boy, John Hell, Matthew J. Harman and Jarico Reese and his Dead Man’s Records Show.

– Our art and installations including Cyclecide and their Ferris Wheel, The Neverwas Runabout, Jon Sarriugarte and his SS Alpha Fox & Fire Garden, Photoboof, the (fire free) Flaming Lotus Girls, Art Cars, Doggie Diner Dog Heads, the visuals by On The Fly Films and the fabulous Squid Tiki by Loid Mongoloid.

– Our excellent bars run by Black Rock Arts Foundation (organized by Freddy Hanne) and Milton’s pirate bar.

Lori Dorn, Simone Davalos and the rest of the amazing door staff.

The Black Rock Rangers for their help keeping our event safe.

Mutual Aid Response Services (MARS)

– Our volunteer coordinator Rick Abruzzo and all of the volunteers that helped out with the event.

Hugh D’Andrade for creating such an amazing poster for the event.

UPDATE 1: Check out Valleywag’s awesome write-up on Julia Allison, the clueless woman who was completely obnoxious to our door staff, shocked that they didn’t immediately recognize who she was (we still don’t know) and that we had the nerve to try to charge her admission to an event that she knew nothing about and was trying to crash. Next time, do us a favor, stay in New York.

UPDATE 2: Adrienne So wrote a story on Laughing Squid Paradise Lost for Wired: “Paradise Lost, Found Again at Laughing Squid Benefit”