Laughing Squid 2008 Venue: CELLspace



I’m excited to announce that the venue for our May 31st Laughing Squid 2008 event will be CELLspace, the wonderful arts, performance, education and community space located in San Francisco’s Mission District.

As many of you know we have a long history with CELLspace and our upcoming event will be a nostalgic return to our roots. Danielle Engelman and I organized The Playa Dust Lounge there in 1996, which was the very first public Burning Man Decompression event. From 1997-98 Chicken John hosted his infamous weekly game show “You Asked For It” at CELLspace. The 2nd annual Laughing Squid event, Analog Cafe 2.0, took place there in 1998. Webzine 2000 was at CELLspace. The last “event” we organized there was our wedding when Lori and I were married at CELLspace in 2001.

Here’s a few photos I shot of CELLspace recently while doing a walkthrough.

Dave X of CELLspace provided us with this update:

What ever happened to the Cell Space?

Well it went into hibernation but now it is back!

Over the last few years the Cell has gone through a lot of work and transformation. All of our permits are now in order and we have over the last few months filled in the calendar with some great events. We have also improved the facility with added bathrooms and required safety up grades.

We are looking forward not only to hosting some of the most unusual and entertaining groups and productions on the West Coast but we also are planning a number of self-produced events again that were the hallmark of the Cell. If you are looking for an unusual venue for you event or just want to
attend a great event check us out.