Analog Cafe 2.0
a benefit for Laughing Squid & The Squid List

Saturday, November 13, 1999

2050 Bryant Street, San Francisco


Our Master of Ceremonies this evening is Dr. Howland Owll,
on loan from The Church of the SubGenius.

8:00pm DJ Otto of Tiki News

9:15pm Attaboy and Burke - sugar induced word ninjas

9:30pm Harmon Leon as Bo-Bo The Stripping Bear

9:45pm SanFranPsycho Sideshow featuring Molotov Malcontent

10:00pm Ideas in Animation with Nik Phelps & The Sprocket Ensemble featuring live music set to contemporary animation.

10:45pm SEEMEN featuring dangerous and beautiful machines

11:00pm Mr. Lucky featuring Phantasmix '99! This is the all-new show that knocked Black Rock City on its ass the night of the burn! A wild assemblage of lounge hits gathered from all the 20th centuries' intriguing little eras! A special group of star musicians have kooked up everything from the Gershwin to Springsteen, from Fantastix to Styx!

12:00am Massive Midnight Raffle hosted by Bishop Joey and NAMBLA the Clown with fabulous prizes donated by many of the artists featured on and The Squid List

1:00am The Worst of Porn-E-Okie Chicken John's latest cancelled show

1:30am DJ Pod to close out the night


Art Cars fresh from ArtCar Fest '99

Bishop Joey spiritual leader (and chief dishwasher) of The First Church of the Last Laugh will be gracing the Analog Cafe 2.0 benefit with his presence as he dispenses divine indulgences (at bargain basement rates!). The Bishop is well known as the most distinguished (and lowest in poly unsaturated fats) of all San Francisco's religious leaders. The annual St. Stupids Day Parade, held each April 1st, is the premier High Holy day of the church. Don't miss this rare off season opportunity to see "The Bish" and beg special heavenly favors from this spiritual icon.

The Holy Trinity of Doggie Diner Dogheads Bishop Joey will be accompanied by a special rare visitation of the Three Doggie Diner Dogheads, the patron saints of the Dogminican Order (a cloistered and kenneled sect of the church). This holy trinity of ecclesiastical canines is rarely together in one place. Supressed Vatican documents declare that if a quorum (13 of the original 25) of dogheads ever gathers, world peace will break out (putting the Catholics and other fattening creeds out of business for good!)

upstairs shackgroove chillspace by bianca

The Sister Sock Show featuring some of The Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence

film projections by Molli Simon, Craig Baldwin and Stephen Parr of Oddball Film + Video

slide projections Harrod Blank & Barb Traub

video projections Chris Colinsky & Gene Kim

the "Wall of Squid" curated by Danielle Engelman & Michael McElligott

midnight raffle hosted by
Bishop Joey & NAMBLA the Clown
  • Art Car videos, book and posters
  • selected books from the Last Gasp catalog
    • The Art of Rock: Posters from Presley to Punk
    • Secret Mystic Rites: The Art of Todd Schorr
    • Robert Williams: Views From a Tortured Libido
    • Artcrime: The Montage Art of Winston Smith
    • Serge Jacques: Folies de Paris et de Hollywood
    • 1000 Tatoos
    • True Blood (Charles Gatewood/David Aaron Clark)
    • Dori Stories: The Complete Dori Seda
    • Leeteg of Tahiti: Paintings From the Villa Velour
    • The Complete Reprint of John Willie's "Bizarre"
    • Justin Green's Sign Game
    • Lust & Romance: Rated X Fine Art Photographs
    • Justin Green's Binky Brown Sampler
  • 1 pair of tickets for Anon Salon's New Year's Eve event
  • Illumination Project kit
  • a framed and signed photo by Margot Duane
  • an attapak from Attaboy featuring:
    • a teef t-shirt (limited edition)
    • a Cootie game designed by Attaboy
    • a "Don't Spill the Beans" game designed by Attaboy
    • an electronic Jumprope designed by Attaboy
    • Gush: comic book
    • stickers
    • a special secret prize
  • 3 pairs of tickets to a future Ideas in Animation show plus and instant party package courtesy of Nik and Nancy Phelps
  • a Burning Man surprise package
  • Dork Prizes from Malice, Inc.
  • a Fire Fly performance for your next event. Fire Fly is a kinetic Sculpture created by John Wilson that throws a 60" dia circle of burning steel wool
  • a photo from last Spring's Billboard Liberation Front gallery show at The LAB & CBGB
  • 3 videos of Brian Goggin's site-specific sculpture "Defenestration"
  • a "Crossed Lines & Bad Connections" tape from
  • Here Are The Facts You Requested gift pack
  • webzine t-shirts
  • Alonso Smith video (x3) and book (Laughing Squid)
  • 3 Portland Santacon '96 videos (Laughing Squid)
  • a $25 gift certificate to Shuck & Jive, a junk store run by Chicken John
  • a fabulous beetle pin by LadyBee
  • a photo of SEEMEN's "Fireshower" by A. Leo Nash
  • surprise package courtesy of The Lab
  • one year free admission to The Tentacle Sessions
  • a neon artifact by John Law
  • Burning Man Photo by Barb Traub
  • 1 year of free web hosting from Laughing Squid Web Hosting
  • an t-shirt
  • dj pod(s) Pan Optic Radio tapes # 27-29 (3 audio cassettes)
    " musical electric chairs to repair all those damned streams of consciousness." - Scharzwald Imposter

Laughing Squid