Laughing Squid 10th Anniversary Details

Doggie Diner

Our big 10th Anniversary Party this Saturday. It starts at 7pm and this one is going to get crowded, so we recommend showing up early if you can. If you are planning on coming to the party, let us know on the page.

If you are shooting photos, blogging, podcasting or video blogging, the tag for the event is: laughingsquid10

The event will take place both inside Varnish Fine Art and outside in the adjacent parking lot.

Inside we’ll have the following performers:

Master of Ceremonies Kitten on the Keys

Mr. Lucky with Joshua Raoul Brody
Nik Phelps
Kitten on the Keys
– Freddi Price of Rube Waddell
Hal Robins & Chicken John perform “The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock”
Will Franken

+ DJs Ouchy The Clown and Helga Bunny

Outside we’ll have the following art installations:

– The “Head” of the Flaming Lotus Girls’ “Angel of the Apocalypse”
Kal Spelletich (SEEMEN)
– Robert Burke’s Cross-Culture Goose Gyro
Wrybread’s Photoboof
Cyclecide’s installation The Dizzy Toy
Sunbrothers’ rose sculpture
Grant Irish’s “Burning Mandible”
– The Popcorn Guys

+ The Doggie Diner Dog Heads of The Holy Trinity of the Dogminican Order

The following art cars will be on hand:

Vain Van (Emily & Ken Duffy)
– Drala Dragon Wagon (Bruman Bjerke & Joy Jonston)
– Von Tiki (Jake Goldstein)
– Grooovalicous Princess of Peace (Avril Hughes)

The gallery show that will be up on the walls at Varnish during the event is Gale Hart’s “Why Not Eat Your Pet”.

UPDATE: Here’s a wrap-up of the party, including links to photos and blog coverage.

– photo of the The Holy Trinity of the Dogminican Order by Scott Beale