Last Location of New York City’s Legendary H&H Bagels Shut Down

H&H Bagels

There is sad news today for New York City bagel lovers. H&H Bagels, the legendary bagel shop in New York City, has been shut down by a city marshal. The shop, located at 46th Street, was the last location of H&H Bagels in the city and still shipped bagels worldwide until its closure. In 2011, they were evicted from their main location in the Upper West Side. Take a look at the post, H&H Bagels, Like No Other Bagel in the World, where Scott extols the joy of a warm bagel from H&H Bagels.

UPDATE: The Wall Street Journal has reported that H&H Bagels owner, Helmer Toro, is determined to keep the 46th Street shop open despite the recent closure.

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Thanks to Jason Laskodi for the tip!

photo by Scott Beale

Rusty Blazenhoff
Rusty Blazenhoff