‘@Large’, A New Site-Specific Exhibition at Alcatraz by Ai Weiwei

“@Large” is a new exhibition by Chinese artist Ai Weiwei (see previously) at Alcatraz Island in the San Francisco Bay. The site-specific exhibition, housed in the buildings of the Alcatraz Federal Penitentiary, explores themes of free expression, imprisonment, and human rights, through sculpture, sound, and mixed-media installations. The exhibition includes “With Wind,” a large scale Chinese dragon kite in the prison’s New Industries Building, “Refraction,” a haunting, 5-ton bird wing crafted from Tibetan solar cookers, and “Trace,” a series of LEGO block floor mosaics depicting the faces of 176 political prisoners who are currently incarcerated. Visitors are invited to write postcards to the prisoners pictured in “Trace” in the interactive installation “Yours Truly” (the postcards will be gathered and mailed by exhibition guides).

“@Large” runs from September 27th, 2014 to April 26th, 2015. Ai Weiwei has not been able to travel to San Francisco for the exhibition as Chinese authorities will not allow him to leave China. The exhibition is organized by the FOR-SITE Foundation.

“With Wind”


“Yours Truly”


Entrance to the psychiatric observation rooms in the Hospital at Alcatraz, site of the exhibition @Large: Ai Weiwei on Alcatraz

photos via FOR-SITE Foundation

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