Kuri, A Helpful and Interactive Home Robot That Plays, Entertains, and Performs Useful Tasks

Kuri Entertains

Kuri is a helpful home robot designed to interact with humans to play, entertain, and perform useful tasks like setting reminders. In one promotional video, a young girl with diabetes uses the robot to remind her to check her blood sugar.

The robot has a camera behind one eye that can take still images and video, microphones it can use to locate the source of a sound, and speakers for playing media or making cute robot noises. Kuri also uses on-board sensors to map its surroundings to avoid obstacles and pitfalls as it moves.

The makers of Kuri are now accepting preorders their website and expect to begin shipping by the holiday season 2017.

Kuri also promises not to try to destroy civilization or rise up and enslave humankind.

Kuri Inspires