Knob Feel Reviews Equipment Based Solely on How its Knobs Feel

Cambridge Audio 651R – Knob Feel Review

The 651R is a mixed bag really. Many of the positive points have carried across from the 851a. Very nice dampened axial skew, and lovely weight behind the rotation. However, for some reason this seems slippier than it’s bigger brother. The lack of grip isn’t a huge downside, but does detract from the overall knob pleasure.

Knob Feel is a Tumblr blog that reviews hi-fi equipment specifically based on how its knobs feel to the human touch. Visit the blog’s archive to catch up on all the past reviews.

New Republic had this to say about Knob Feel:

KnobFeel reviews are concerned with only one thing: the physical sensation of turning the knobs on equipment’s console. It’s a brilliantly niche-oriented project, sort of like reviewing a bottle of wine based on its cork.

via New Republic, Digg