Kniterate, A Digital Desktop Knitting Machine That Prints Custom Designs at the Push of a Button

Kniterate is an amazing compact digital knitting machine that prints customized designs with the simple press of the “knit button”. Conceived and built at a studio in London, the team behind the project is looking to help bring a more affordable option to those who want to create knitted items, but have been put off by the prohibitive price of industrial machines. Additionally, the proprietary free software allows users to develop a sharing community of makers. The Kniterate team is currently raising funds through Kickstarter in order to bring their invention to market.

We have developed Kniterate because we want everyone to be able to explore knitting’s potential. Until now the only similar tools available were industrial knitting machines, which cost upwards of $50,000, take a lot of space and require a technician to run. With Kniterate you can make personalized professional knitwear at the click of a button, and repeat and share your favourite designs over and over again.


Kniterate Shoe

Kniterate Sweater

Thank You Dog

Kniterate Illustration