Kitten Soundly Sleeps on Her Back in a Potted Plant


She was straight up just vibin’ !! I miss my baby Helen everyday #kitten #cat#fyp

? death bed (coffee for your head) – Powfu & beabadoobee

A tiny kitten named Helen climbed into a potted plant and promptly fell asleep on her back. The little feline was stretched out with her front paws astride her adorable body, prompting her human Hanieh to exclaim “Who sleeps like that?”.

So many video viewers expressed concern about Helen that Hanieh put out a second video explaining that this is how her kitten sleeps.

This is my baby Helen, from the video I posted. She’s all good in the video and was just nappin’


This is for all the confused people; Helen was just napping in the last video

? original sound – Hunny