Keyboard Cat Animatronic Plush Toy


Popular internet meme Keyboard Cat (aka “Fatso”) now has its own officially licensed animatronic plush toy which naturally plays the official Keyboard Cat music with the press of a button. It’s available to purchase at ThinkGeek. Know Your Meme says, “Keyboard Cat is the mercy kill of the internet. It says your fail is so epic that the loveable ineffable Fatso the Cat comes to your rescue to pull you out of your dungeon of fail.”

Back in the day when you could buy miracle tonics from singing salesmen and drink moonshine from a flask while enjoying a variety show, there was The Hook. Should you be engaging in an act of vaudeville and your dancing monkey did not execute the correct steps for the Charleston, shame on you. The hook would drag you off the stage where you could beat your monkey and cry into your Panama hat.

Nowadays, you cannot beat your monkey. When you witness at act of failure, simply press the button on your Animatronic Plush Keyboard Cat and he will play you off! Even in the workplace, Keyboard Cat is useful. Accounting Guy can’t get his laptop to hook up to the projector? Play him off, Keyboard Cat. Marketing Guy does an entire presentation and then realizes his fly is down? Play him off Keyboard Cat. Boss gets yelled at by her boss for not implementing the suggestions you had given her weeks ago? Play her off, Keyboard Cat!



Rusty Blazenhoff
Rusty Blazenhoff