Junk Foodie, A Book of Recipes For the Lowbrow Gourmand

Junk Foodie

“Foodie-turned designer-turned-foodie” Emilie Baltz has authored Junk Foodie: 51 Delicious Recipes For the Lowbrow Gourmand, a book full of recipes that combine junk foods to create fancier junk food dishes. For example, to make her Fluffy Grits with Caramel Crumble recipe, she combines Fritos, Fluff (a woman after my own heart) and Cracker Jacks. Take a look at the promo video where Baltz describes her inspiration for the book and gives a demo on how to make Aztec Coffee Cake (Chips Ahoy, Hot Tamales and Oreos).

Fluffy Grits with Caramel Crumble