The John Law Burning Man ‘Exit Interview’ (1996)

Here’s my full, unedited 1996 interview with Burning Man co-founder John Law in the studio apartment where I used to live on Haight Street in San Francisco. John, who is an old friend and Laughing Squid business partner, was one of the original co-founders of Burning Man and left the Burning Man organization following the 1996 event. I jokingly refer to this as his “exit interview”.

Today is the first time anyone other than John has seen this video, which I recorded 24 years ago!

In early 2018 I finally digitized all of the Hi8 and MiniDV video that I shot of events in San Francisco, between 1996-1999 (with some in the early 2000s) and I recently set up a Laughing Squid Video Archive Facebook group where I’ve been sharing videos (like this one) from the archive.