John Law Bridge Stories Book Reading & Film Screening in Portland

guest post by mikl-em

John Law & Doggie Diner Dog Heads

This weekend John Law will be visiting the fine Northwestern city of Portland, Oregon (home of the Portland Cacophony Society) like a man on a multi-media mission.

Friday John will be reading from his book of short stories The Space Between at Portland’s Powell’s Books.

Saturday night he will host a showing of his film Head Trip at The Wail.

We expect this trip to pass less eventfully than that time John came to town with all the Santas, which was immortalized in Scott’s cacopho-mentary You Better Watch Out (which you can and should watch in its 40-minute entirety gratis at that link).

John’s coming to town generally signals an intensity in the local cacophonous phorces in the vicinity for the duration of his stay. Portland residents are advised to expect myriad omens and surprising manifestations could occur through the weekend, with an unseasonable chance of gigantism in weiner dogs.

Friday April 10th at 7:30pm.
John Law reading at Powell’s City of Books

Saturday April 11th at 7pm
John Law and Flecher Fleudujon’s documentary Head Trip
The story of a bus of freaks that travel from the Golden Gate to Brooklyn Bridge with 3-10 ft dog heads on a trailer. This event will take place at The Wail on NE 42nd & Sumner.


photos by Scott Beale & Violet Blue


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