John Hodgman, More Information Than You Require

More Information Than You Require

John Hodgman, noted author, humorist, Daily Show resident expert, Hobo historian and faithful PC user, has a new book out “More Information Than You Require”, a follow-up to his celebrated 2005 book “The Areas Of My Expertise”.

Like its predecessor, MORE INFORMATION THAN YOU REQUIRE contains all sorts of useful information on ridding your house of annoying pests, hints for winning at the gambling table, famous animal acts, useful recipes, the mole-men and their hideous steeds, the U.S. Presidents and their hideous steeds, everything that happened before today, and SUNDRY MORE FACTS OF SCIENTIFIC, SOCIAL, & HISTORICAL MERIT, all of which are made up.

Hodgman has been featured in numerous episodes of Boing Boing TV, including this recent fake book trailer, and this week he is guest blogging on Boing Boing.