John Cage Unbound, A Living Archive

John Cage Unbound, A Living Archive by the New York Public Library

“John Cage Unbound, A Living Archive” is an online multimedia project about American composer and avant garde music pioneer John Cage. Hosted by the New York Public Library, the project invites musicians and other creatives to submit videos of their own interpretations of Cage’s work for addition to the online archive. Visitors to the site can view submitted videos as well as a portion of the library’s collection of Cage’s original notes and manuscripts.

We invite you to participate in the creation of a video archive documenting the musical work of one of the 20th century’s most significant composers. We want to inspire and engage you with John Cage’s unique vision of music and its role in the world. In doing so, we hope to advance our knowledge of Cage and his work by sparking a global conversation among musicians, artists, and creative thinkers.