Jimmy Kimmel and Chef Mario Batali Take to the Streets to Cook A Meal With Random Strangers

Inspired by a previous situation in which Chef Mario Batali cooked a spontaneous meal for strangers, Jimmy Kimmel took to the streets of Los Angeles with the illustrious chef in tow, to find random strangers for whom they could cook a delicious meal using only what’s available in their house. Luckily, Lars, the stranger they picked had a very well stocked kitchen and a blooming garden. Joining them was Nicole, the other random stranger. On the menu was Fusilli All’amatriciana (with cheese grated through a utensil holder), Bratwurst avec Corn and Fondue du Lumps alla Lars. Also served was a promise for a Mario Batali catered wedding featured on Jimmy Kimmel Live if it’s needed in the future.

Jimmy Kimmel - Mario Batali 1

Fusilli all'Amatriciana

Bratwurst avec Corn

Fondue du Lumps alla Lars