Rare Footage of Jimi Hendrix Playing an Acoustic Guitar

Musician Gaurav Krishnan of Bombeats Music edited together rare footage of two different instances where Jimi Hendrix played an acoustic guitar. The first half has Jimi in a studio, playing “Hear My Train A Comin'” on a gorgeous 12-string, an instrument that legendary guitarist said, “scared him to death”. The second half shows Jimi playing “Hound Dog” for a small friendly crowd, which was going along beautifully until he laughingly stated that he forgot the words. Simply amazing.

After a lot of digging, I found only 2 known videos of Jimi playing them online. Apologies for the stopping image in the first half that features ‘Hear My Train Comin’ & the poor quality of the second half of the video that features ‘Hound Dog’ that was all I could find. This one’s an essential rarity.