Jean Jacques Perrey at Varnish Fine Art

Jean Jacques Perrey

RE/Search presents a rare appearance by French Electro-Pop-Easy-Listening pioneer Jean Jacques Perrey at Varnish Fine Art this Thursday, September 15th. Jean Jacques is in town for the release of Circus of Life, his first full-length album in over 30 years.

From V. Vale’s RE/Search newsletter:

Jean-Jacques Perrey, resident of France, will be in town soon! The composer of numerous musique concrete compositions, immortalized on ’60s albums such as The “In Sound from Way Out,” is a certified genius. Mill Valley resident (and recent mom of twins) Lisa Haugen brought about the release of Jean-Jacques Perrey’s first album in some thirty years: CIRCUS OF LIFE, which we at RE/Search have played about fifty times…it’s that good.

RE/Search, Varnish Fine Art, KFJC and Lisa Haugen will co-present a Record Release/Autograph Party with Jean-Jacques Perrey himself in person, all the way from France. M. Perrey is a senior citizen (in his seventies?) and we need not stress how rare this public event will be. Rabid fans of the music of Perrey and Kingsley should not miss this event! Jen and Kerri of Varnish Gallery, 77 Natoma St, San Francisco, were kind enough to offer their avant-garde (and beautiful) art space for this reception, and Liz Clark from KFJC has promised to aid in promotion. Please tell your Incredibly Strange Music collector-friends about this event — not only is it rare, but it’s also free!