Jammy, A MIDI Controlled Portable Steel String Digital Guitar That Can Be Easily Disassembled for Traveling


The Jammy by RnD64 is a really neat super portable digital guitar that can be easily disassembled for traveling and reassembled for playing. When assembled, the jammy sports 15 full size frets, real steel strings, direct audio output and meets airline carry-on size regulations.

You love your electric or acoustic guitar. You hate the hassle of carrying it around while traveling. Jammy’s just the thing for you. It fits into your backpack and complies with airline carry-on regulations. So wherever you’re in the mood to jam, just get it out, lock and roll!

The Jammy also pairs with a proprietary smartphone app that supplies a rich variety of musical styles, effects and sounds.



Jammy App

Jammy App Choices

Jammy App

Frame and Guitar


Tech Spec

submitted via Laughing Squid Tips