Jacob Appelbaum and Donald Knuth Demonstrate The Recursive Homeboys Principle

Computer security expert Jacob Appelbaum and renowned computer scientist Donald Knuth demonstrate the recursive homeboys principle.

current iteration:

Jacob Appelbaum & Donald Knuth

“We’re recursive homeboys this year, Don.”
“Nested and recursive parens. … We can square it every year.”

previous iteration:

Jacob Appelbaum & Donald Knuth

“Oh wait, let me stand behind you. Nested Parens”
“Don, do you mind if I put this on my home page?”
“Gosh no, you’re my homeboy after all!”
“Nested Parens”

The shirt Jacob is wearing in the photo is “Knuth Is My Homeboy” by Geekz Shop. Part of the proceeds from the sale of the shirt go to support the EFF and the FSF.

Knuth Is My Homeboy

Has Donald Knuth got your back? Computer scientists need groupies too.

Bold two colour screen print featuring the father of the analysis of algorithms. Is this the Art in the Art of Computer Programming? No

The image on the t-shirt is based on a 2005 photo Jacob shot of Donald.

Donald Knuth

photos by Jacob Appelbaum

Scott Beale
Scott Beale

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