Inside DayGlo: The World’s Most Colorful Factory

Bytesize Science, a blog by the American Chemical Society, has filmed Inside Dayglo: The World’s Most Colorful Factory, a short documentary tour of the DayGlo Color Corp. factory.

…you’ll find huge, grinding, belching and all around intimidating industrial machines coated head to toe in fluorescent pink and blaze orange hues. Dayglo’s fluorescent pigments and dyes have worked their way into countless commercial products all around the world. At any given moment during your day, chances are you’ve got something in view emitting the vibrant colors of Dayglo – traffic cones, shirts, soaps, toys, bottles, paints, inks, signs, boxes, magazines – you name it. In this video, you get an up close, behind-the-scenes view of how DayGlo makes their special pigments and dyes, and an in depth look at what makes fluorescent colors so vibrant.

submitted via Laughing Squid Tips