Indispensable: Art by the Ounce, A LEGO Marijuana Art Exhibition

Known Gallery in Los Angeles is hosting Indispensable: Art by the Ounce, a LEGO marijuana art exhibition by art collective LAgo. All The opening reception is Saturday May 26, 2012 from 8 pm to 11 pm and the exhibition runs through June 9, 2012.

(cough.)In the wake of increasing raids on Medical Marijuana dispensaries by local, state and federal drug enforcement agencies, the LAgo brand’s brand-new, flagship storefront is set to open on May 26, 2012 at Known Gallery located at 441 North Fairfax Avenue in Los Angeles. The LAgo brand, as a perpetual “harvest” of healing power, has been especially commodified to meet the addictions of anyone who has ever wanted to experience the transaction of purchasing medical marijuana – or fine art – at a legal business organization. Synthetic starter-plants, seedlings, clones and a totally huge selection of intoxicating, fake plastic buds- all built with LEGO bricks to resemble some of the finest strains of medicinal marijuana ever grown- will be on display and available for limited purchase. (cough.)


Art by the Ounce


via High Times and Geekosystem

photos by Paul Landau for Known Gallery