Incredible Portaits of Cosplayers From the Cardiff Film and Comic Con 2015 in Wales

Finnish photographer Antti Karppinen took an incredible series of portraits that features creative cosplayers from the Cardiff Film and Comic Con 2015 in Wales. According to Karppinen, “when people saw my images they went pretty crazy since they haven’t seen their creations and characters in these almost movie poster-like images.” The full series of photos are available to view on Karppinen’s portfolio website.

Two days straight, over 2000 pictures, over 200 different characters. Just amazing. And all this just as my own project and giving back to these guys that truly deserve all the attention possible. Without them these events would be basically nothing.

So this time in Cardiff Film & Comic Con it was all about them! Didn’t take any pictures of the celebrities. I just wanted to make as many people happy as possible. And I’m sure I did. (read more)

Justin Page
Justin Page

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