‘If We Won’, Newcastle Brown Ale Campaign Imagines What America Would Be If Great Britain Won the Revolutionary War

If We Won

In these brilliant bits of slapstick for their summer campaign “If We Won“, Newcastle Brown Ale imagines what America would be like if Great Britain had been the ones to emerge victorious in the Revolutionary War. For one thing, Americans would all be celebrating July 3rd as “Revolutionary Eve” instead of the traditional Independence Day on July 4th.

“With our accents and your American self-confidence, you’d be unstoppable”

Stephen Merchant Presents: “If We Won” with Newcastle Brown Ale featuring comedian Stephen Merchant

“If Great Britain won the Revolutionary War and ran your country, yellow cabs would be black”.

#IfWeWon: Black Cabs

“You know what Mount Rushmore would be if we won the Revolutionary War? A beautiful, untouched mountain.”

#IfWeWon: Mount Rushmore

“We’d celebrate Independence Eve the holiday that was very real and not something Newcastle made up just to sell more beer.”

#IfWeWon: The USA Would be Great Britain 2