How to Make a Mini Flamethrower Out of a ‘How to Train Your Dragon’ Action Figure

PyroGirl recently released a video tutorial where she demonstrates how to create a mini flamethrower out of a Toothless action figure from the How To Train Your Dragon film series.

I convert Toothless into a mini flamethrower using IV tubing and pressurized lighter gas. The method is relatively simple and safe if you follow my instructions carefully and take adequate precautions. You will need IV tubing, hot glue and/or super glue, a drill and thin bits, a vice or grip to hold the toy steady when drilling, thin wire, a Q-tip, denatured alcohol, lighter gas refill canister, a lighter or matches, and of course a toy dragon of your choice to train. I managed to get my mini dragon flamethrower to blow flames between 1.5 to 2 feet long (45cm to 60cm long). (read more)