How to Make a Clay Kiln and Primitive Pottery From a Termite Mound

Primitive Technology demonstrated how to make a clay kiln and all sorts of primitive pottery from a termite mound. Fans of Primitive Technology can help support his future work on Patreon.

I started by making a large grate from ordinary clay. It was just under 50 cm in diameter. Next, I took dry chunks of termite nest and put them into the pit in front of the tiled roof hut. The chunks were crushed and water was added to slake the clay. The clay was trodden on to mix it. Dead palm fronds were added to the clay to stop it from cracking as it dried and to add insulation to the kiln. The mixture was trodden on again and then taken from the pit. A trench was dug to form the firebox of the kiln and a wall of clay was made in the front of the trench. A hole was dug into the wall to allow air flow into the firebox. (read more)

primitive kiln and pottery