How to Get Through a Panic Attack

The School of Life offers some very insightful (and prescient) advice about coping with panic attacks through a multi-step process. The first step is understanding that a panic attack can happen to anyone at any time. The second step is to go with the fear rather than fighting it, as panic grows exponentially during a fight or flight response. The third step is identifying the source of the fear and the fourth is to treat yourself gently with love and refuse to let fear take over your life.

Also, consider that the panic might have to do with a memory of long ago, having been appallingly controlled, hurt and not allowed to get away. …To which the answer is to go back to the past, understand it fully and drain it of its power to upset the present. …Lastly, don’t avoid everything that scares you; don’t let the panic reduce you. Don’t accord the fear so much respect that you start to listen to its tyrannical dictates.