Horti, An Indoor Plant Subscription Service With Instructions to Help Newbies Develop a Green Thumb

Horti is a wonderful home subscription service that sends thoughtfully packed plants along with simple instructions to assist those who are inexperienced (or unlucky) with home horticulture in developing a lush green thumb. Horti offers a variety of subscription plans that are tailored to a subscriber’s budget, desire and skill level. The first delivery starts with a very hardy (hard to kill) plant and progresses into more delicate specimens as the planter’s confidence builds.

Our subscription is designed as a program to put your plant-related anxieties at ease. To start, we’ll send you hard-to-kill plants. Then as we build your confidence, we’ll slowly introduce you to more exotic species while continuing to provide instructions on how to sustain your plants and build lasting plant-care habits.

Subscribers in the New York City area can also pick up their plants at Horti’s Greenpoint, Brooklyn location.

submitted via Laughing Squid Tips