Honest Video Game Trailers – Grand Theft Auto V by Screen Junkies and Smosh

If you prefer to take things at a slower pace, explore the world in a bus, a lawn mower, and gaming’s most underwhelming submarine.

Screen Junkies and Smosh teamed up to create an honest video game trailer for Rockstar Games‘ popular open world, action-adventure video game Grand Theft Auto V. We previously wrote about their honest video game trailer for Mario Kart.

Take a trip into the virtual city of Los Santos, an almost perfect replica of Los Angeles. Play through the story as not one, not two, but three F**ked up criminals who enjoy life on the edge. But if violence is not your cup of tea (then seriously why’d you get this game?), you can always relax with a quiet game of tennis, a sailboat adventure on the seas, or yoga classes.