Hipstamatic + iPhone 4 = Broken

Hipstamatic tests on the iPhone 4

For those of us who secretly (or not so secretly) love the Hipstamatic app on the iPhone and upgraded to the newly released iPhone 4, we were sad to discover that the current version is laced with oddities and a crash or two.

There was some debate as to what was going on, so I decided to take it upon myself to dig deeper and get down to what the potential causes are.

The company behind the app, Synthetic Corp., just released a new photo booth app, IncrediBooth, to simulate the bar-o-liscious photo booths people tend to get drunk and make out in.  Now you can do it all with the front facing iPhone 4 camera in your own living room.

It seems that their energy was spent creating this new app instead of updating Hipstamatic to be iPhone 4 and iOS 4 compliant.

I go into great detail into how I debugged the current issues of using Hipstamatic on the new iPhone 4 on my blog:

Hipstamatic on the New iPhone 4

TobiasTenney.com – Hipstamatic on the New iPhone 4

(Click to see my Flickr set of test images used to write this article.)