Hidden Clues That May Prove All of Pixar’s Animated Films Share the Same Universe

In a video by Screen Rant, host Rob Flis points out ten hidden clues that may prove all of Pixar‘s animated films share the same universe. Rob finds solid evidence in animated films like Monsters Inc., Finding Nemo, Cars, and more.

As the artists and storytellers at Pixar Animation began to crank out successful movies set in the fictional worlds of children’s toys, sentient cars, and culinary rodents, it didn’t take long for fans to realize the stories weren’t as separate as they had thought. Fans have spun wild theories on a single unified “Pixar Universe,” blurring the lines between Pixar’s superheroes, animals, toys, and everyday people. One overall story may be impossible to find, but hunting down each easter egg is more than worth the effort. Here are Screen rants 10 Hidden Clues to Pixar’s Shared Universe.