Henry Rollins Opens Up About His Obsession With Vinyl Records in an Extended Interview

Henry Rollins, musician, writer, actor and former lead singer for the legendary punk band Black Flag, sat down for an interview with The Sound of Vinyl to talk about his incredible obsession with (vinyl) records. Rollins specifically spoke about how he became obsessed, how he listens to vinyl, the best time to listen to vinyl, how many records he owns, how vinyl is undergoing a resurgence and his fondness for Black Sabbath and Jimi Hendrix. Rollins also was featured as a guest curator on The Sound of Vinyl site.

Music shaped Henry Rollins. As a child, he soaked up his mother’s eclectic tastes from Chopin to Jimi Hendrix. As a young man, he rose to prominence in Washington DC’s emerging punk scene. As a professional, he has recorded & performed with musicians from punk, metal, jazz, funk, and beyond — not to mention his radio shows, magazine columns, books, and TV & film work. Throughout his career, Rollins has been a serious vinyl collector and a passionate fan of analog music.