Horatio, An Elegant Old-Timey Victrola Smart Speaker by Hendrick’s That Includes a Gin Martini Holder

Hendrick's Horatio

Hendrick’s Gin, known for its old-timey sensibility, has created Horatio, a rather elegant smart speaker. Horatio is handmade out of antique copper, leather wood and brass and features a Victrola style amplifying horn. The speaker is operated by hand rather than voice and it conveniently offers a place to put down one’s gin martini.

Created as a delightful counterpoint to today’s banal and predictable voice-activated speakers (yawn), Horatio the surprise and unpredictability that mass-produced modern electronics fail to deliver.

Only five of these handmade speakers were created and are available through the Hendrick’s Tiny Shop.

Only FIVE of these devices exist in the world. Each is a full-fledged work of art created by two American artists and includes lovingly salvaged antique parts collected over many years. Indeed, no two are exactly alike.