Having a Drink at Every Bar in San Francisco

The San Francisco Bar Experiment

A woman is attempting to have a drink at every bar in San Francisco, which she is documenting on the blog The San Francisco Bar Experiment.

One often hears people say that San Francisco has more bars per capita than any other city in the U.S. Is that even true? I don’t know, but there are certainly more bars here than one can easily count. And I don’t plan on just counting the bars, I plan on having a drink at every single one of them.

Two men are also attempting to have a drink at Every Bar In SF.

This blog serves as documentation of the bar hopping mission of two men: Peat Montesquieu and Glen Robespierre. We have set out to drink at every single bar in this great city. What constitutes a bar? It must serve alcohol and be categorized as a bar on Yelp (minus hookah bars). Additionally, if it has a cover, it must be below $20. Everything else is fair game. We hope you enjoy following us on our marvelous journey.

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Scott Beale
Scott Beale

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