‘Hank the Beer Tank’, A Fully Portable Compact Kegerator That Travels Easily From Party to Party

Hank the Beer Tank is a very clever, fully portable kegerator that can travel easily around town for parties, tailgating, camping etc. and can operate off of 110-240V AC, or 12-24V DC.

You can plug me into just about anything. And while I am plugged in I use less power than a 60W light bulb. To serve beer. From a keg. Anywhere. I do this by using a super efficient inverter controlled compressor, power electronics, and a digital control unit. I am smart about sipping power, and I wont drain your battery, I will just turn off. Warm beer is always better than a car that won’t start. I carry CO2 with me to keep kegs pressurized and preserved. I can accommodate a sixtel keg of your favorite craft beer. I can cool it to 0F, but who wants a frozen keg? I am also half the size of most kegerators on the market, so I can fit in a small space in your home, truck, boat, or tent. Just don’t leave me outside, I don’t like the rain.

Founders Sebastian Ehreiser and Adam Koeppel are currently raising funds via Kickstarter in order to bring Hank the Beer Tank to market

Hank the Beer Tank



Hank in Park

images via Hank the Beer Tank

submitted via Laughing Squid Tips