Halloween Skull Truffles With Walnut Brains

For Halloween gifts, designer Marc Brownlow handcrafted beautiful Skull Truffles, each made with white chocolate skulls and pink-covered walnut-filled brains. The elaborate project has been posted with detailed howto instructions on Make.

To pull this idea off, required quite a bit of preparation. First, I sculpted little skulls out of polymer clay and molded them in food grade silicon. Then, I made bittersweet chocolate ganache, froze it and rolled it into little balls. Finally, I molded the white chocolate skull truffles, fitted each one with a bittersweet center and topped it off with a candy coated walnut “brain”. They looked appropriately macabre, packaged in black tins lined with red velvet. No one expects a Halloween gift, so the recipients were amused and delighted.

via Make