Gymkhana 4, Ken Block Races Around Universal Studios Backlots

In “Gymkhana 4,” action sportsmaster Ken Block displays his astonishing precision driving skills while racing around the backlots of Universal Studios in a 600 hp Ford Fiesta race car (the fun begins at the 1:30 mark). Highlights include Block smashing through a wall, performing car ballet with a quintet of forklifts, and doing 360s around a gorilla on a Segway. The video is the fourth and most absurd to date of Block’s Gymkhana videos. They take their name from Gymkhana, a motorsport that challenges drivers to perform feats of precision driving.

In 2010 we wrote about Gymkhana 3, in which Block raced around a Paris racetrack.

via Jalopnik

E.D.W. Lynch
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